August: So many oysters in San Francisco; a surprise luau for the second time; suffering in the sun, despite free wine and food and vineyards at the Sonoma Wine Festival; floating down the Russian River

September: Next: Trio and the best meal in Mark's life

October: Vampire bunny on Halloween

November: Vultures for the first time in North Carolina

December: Scuba diving the great barrier reef with two sharks and loads of fish; the vivid green, blue, and purple coral; holding a sea cucumber

January: Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge; driving through the Southern Alps of New Zealand; on a helicopter and landing on the Fox Glacier (really just felt like a mountain covered in snow); quiet around Lake Matheson; drinking water straight from a river from a glacier’s run off; jumping into icy cold water from a chasm’s cliff; sailing in Milford Sound

February: An explosion — an erupting volcano not a motorcycle; leaving the hotel at Lake Atitlan by water taxi; ziplining over canyons covered in shrub and trees

March: The Eurostar from Paris to Britain; Grimm’s Tales live and the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime; Nopi; hello to Berkeley and its flowers; Rombauer chardonnay once again

April: The Barbary Coast at the Soiled Dove; learning to meditate

May: Big Sur’s drama; Esalen’s sulfur baths; the salon; Kabuki Springs; Miami humidity

June: Machupicchu - four days, three nights, Quechuan culture and people, the raw beauty of the land; working for/toward good reignited

July: North Carolina and the dead groundhog; hiking the Smokies in a downpour

August: Next: Tapas